WhatsApp Dark Mode Now available For Android And iOS, Here’s How To Enable It

The wait is finally over as Whatsapp has rolled out its dark mode in Android and iOS apps globally. The Facebook-owned messaging app had been working on the dark mode feature for a long time now.

According to the reports, “This feature is designed in such a way that if you use the phone in low light, then your eyes will not be stressed. Hopefully, this will also relieve you from those situations when the phone lights up in the entire room as soon as you turn on the phone.” The dark mode theme for Whatsapp is completely black for iOS users and dark grey for Android users.

The company has laid focus on two most essential factors of dark mode which includes readability and information hierarchy. The former ensures that contents are readable by matching the theme of the app with system defaults on both Android and iOS and the latter about different elements in the app that have their distinguished colours to highlight the information.

After updating WhatsApp to the latest version, open the app an go to Settings, followed by a tap on chats. Now, you will see the theme option there, tap on it. Choose dark from the menu and tap OK.

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