To Put An End To Fake News, WhatsApp Launches TV Campaign

Of the many ills that cripple an age obsessed with social media, one that gains most momentum is the widespread phenomenon of fake news. This menace took mainstream media by a storm, literally convincing people to seek out news that was sensational and not factual. In India, the epidemic was further fueled by the rampant usage of WhatsApp. From arrests to violence to sheer propaganda, the app became a platform for something highly insidious. So much so that WhatsApp decided to, in a first-of-its-kind move, intervene by launching campaigns across the country.

What started with Radio campaigns, that aimed to reach out to the masses who are fervently active on the messaging portal, has now reached our television sets. Evoking a sense of responsibility and sensibility, WhatsApp is hoping that their continuous campaigns help people be more cognizant towards what information they are receiving.

“WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of users in India and is committed to help addressing the challenge of misinformation in India by empowering users with new controls and working with local partners to step up education on this challenge,” the portal added in a statement issued on the concerned subject.

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