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Why Starting A Career On Youtube Isn’t Such A Bad Idea After All

Ever since the inception of Youtube in the mid 2000’s we have witnessed it grow into an entertainment platform for the people, by the people. Youtube began as a video sharing website which was used to post funny videos of user’s families and share the links among their peers. Slowly, the Youtube community realized that this platform had way more potential than it was being used for. This led to the rise of ‘Youtubers’ and the modern version of the platform. There was now a genre for all sorts of Youtube playlists. These playlists consisted of videos from independent artists, i.e. Youtubers. People who weren’t all that famous now had a stage to share their talent on an international platform. Their work was being recognized and they were making money from the website as well.

Youtube has given us some of the most famous Popstars today. Justin Bieber is a constant reminder of how Youtube can change someone’s fortune.  It is a platform where you can be yourself and try to live the dream. You can most certainly use your talent, which could just be a hobby, and showcase it to a large audience. How large you ask? Well, there are over 30 million users on Youtube at any given time. Even right now while you are reading this, Youtube is the heartbeat of entertainment on the internet.

Owing to the kind of platform Youtube is, the video hosting sire attracted the attention of major corporations very early on. Big entertainment labels were now announcing their projects on Youtube and started aggressively advertising on the platform. There was live streaming of movie announcements, book launches, and music videos to boot. And, in 2018, the site essentially has it all!

This doesn’t beat the fact that Independent Youtubers are still the highest scoring beneficiary from the platform. There is one simple mantra of being a successful Youtuber; the person has to be patient and needs to believe in his or her talent and eventually the fans of the genre will find them. There is an always an audience for very specific content on Youtube.

In India alone there are some Youtube Channels that have made a rather huge name for themselves like The Viral Fever , East India Comedy, Beer Biceps , BB ki Vine and more. As it turns out, the Indian online community is clearly interested in comedy but some new genres are also breaking the barriers and are becoming the new favourites of us Indians. The likes of Vloggers , Tech Youtubers and Independent performers are also drawing in insane views on the platform.

Judging from the metrics and stats, this is probably the best time to start uploading your videos on Youtube. You can express yourself in a myriad of different ways and actually reach out to people who may share similar opinions and outlooks. Your age or gender doesn’t matter, what matters is your talent and the consistency to post interesting videos on the platform. We hope that with this article we have inspired some of you to try it out. Remember folks, even if you lose, it is ok, it’s not abject failure. It’ll just take a little more time.  So, if you have opinions that you need to get out and views that may not resonate with the people around you, Youtube is a great option for you to explore that side of you.

What are you waiting for, get on Youtube and share your thoughts and opinions with the world. We can guarantee you that it’ll all be worth it in the long run.



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