Drone Delivery Of Your Food Is Finally Possible In India!

Zomato is setting “sky-high” standards in India, quite literally.

As if lazing in pyjamas and getting lasagne delivered at your doorstep from your favourite Italian place, that would otherwise take you an hour to reach wasn’t fascinating enough, your food might fly to you soon. Yes, you read that right! Zomato has successfully tested drone delivery and we are super excited!

Gurgaon based restaurant discovery and food delivery giant Zomato and TechEagle Innovations, a Lucknow based start-up may be the first to bring hub-to-hub drone delivery in India. These hybrid multi-rotor drones can carry upto 5 kgs payload and reach speed upto 80 kmph.

Zomato claims that the drone is efficient for autonomous flight due to its lightweight and inbuilt sensors. The maiden test, which was carried out on Wednesday, was completed seamlessly and the drone covered a distance of 5 kms in 10 minutes. To ensure 100%, the company is currently testing each drone with pilot supervision. The initiative could be a game-changer in scraping unnecessary traffic off jam packed roads.

The concept of food delivery using drones has been in the market for quite a while now. Domino’s ( New Zealand), Wing (Australia), Ele.me (China) are a few names from around the world that have been delivering food using drone technology.


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  1. Anupama Sharma

    Real game changer initiative definitely 👍🏻👍🏻

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