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Dead Bodies Move While Decomposing, Find Researchers At Human Body Farm

Apparently, there’s a “human body farm” in Australia. The researchers who work at the facility investigate human decomposition under a bevy of environs to replicate crime scene scenarios. The findings here contribute in the improvement of forensic techniques to find,

Odd-Even Scheme To Be Re-Introduced In Delhi In November

The odd-even scheme in Delhi is re-introduced. The Arvind Kejriwal led government confirmed that the scheme under which cars with license plates ending in an odd number and even number are allowed to ply on alternate days will be applied

In A First, Indian Government Allows Scientific Research On Cannabis

In what’s a first for the country, the Indian government will allow cannabis experimentation as the narcotics department sanctioned a research and development project to examine substances in the plant. India’s drug law enforcement agency, Narcotics Control Bureau has authorized

YouTube Gets Its Own Fashion & Beauty Channel

YouTube’s first-ever channel designed specifically to answer all your fashion, beauty and style related queries recently celebrated its launch. West Edge in New York City saw the attendance of Hollywood’s best including the likes of Serena Williams, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and

First Pakistani Astronaut Extends Support To ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan-2 didn’t go as planned; ISRO lost contact with Vikram lander just seconds before it was scheduled soft land on the lunar South Pole. Despite the mishap, ISRO’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed as space agencies across the world applauded ISRO