15 Reasons Why Indians Are Zarra Hatke

We Indians will fight till our last breath for a seat in the local train, but gladly offer it to a needy senior citizen. We will nearly kill each other at the drop of a hat on the smallest of issues, but will unite to support our team in a cricket matches. We will match our voices to the loudest decibel during a heated political argument, only to give in to the mention of chai pakoras.

We are a brand of our own. We function in uncanny ways, talk in an interesting fashion. We’ve got our own set of peeves, perks and quirks. This Independence Day, Team GT set out to explore these unique things about being an Indian, curated exclusively for our readers through these laugh-worthy memes.

1. Our Politics


Indian Politics is a unique species in itself. Elections every year are a fanfare affair with the parties going out and out in their campaigning preparations. With every leader offering gimmicks and sweetmeats to please the public, when we couldn’t be clearer on what we want.

2. Our Marriages

Straight out of college? In your twenties? Your Tinder profile will probably be less active than the one on shaadi.com. Relatives will soon begin to pester our innocent parents to look for an accha ladka or ladki, according to the caste and status of course.

3. Our Gifts

Indians are always generous with gifting. (Re-cycling gifts too, sometimes!) However, one occasion when gifts become absolutely necessary as if by court of law is the practice of dowry, which in spite of being legally prohibited still continues till date.

4. Our Relationships

Some Indian parents have begun to accept the non-arranged pathway to love. However, the area of homosexuality is still a little murky. Thinking of coming out? Think twice. No love for #samelove.

5. Our Education

However much our education system may be flawed- it is always number one priority on every student and parent’s checklist. With the cutoffs for colleges continuing to soar higher every year, the pressure on students to perform is immense- enough to give Spiderman Cancer.

6. Our Careers

Though career choices are increasingly widening in their scope, traditional professions such as medicine, law, accountancy, and engineering top the charts in terms of societal acceptance. And if you try to take the road less-travelled by- there’s always Sharmaji ka beta to be compared to!

7. Our Teachers

The Indian teachers have vast resources of patience, and immense gratitude is felt towards them. However, sometimes, we students blow up their calm demeanour, which is when they have no option but to shut us up in the most creative ways possible.

8. Our Food

This is one area where we cannot compromise- on our food. The Indian palate needs to be satiated every now and then with a healthy dose of samosas, pakoras, jalebis, dhokhlas, and bhelpuri, only to name a few. And whenever in doubt- always remember- food over everything else.

9. Our Queues

India is famous for its serpentine queues everywhere- be it in the train stations, the banks after demonetization, and the entry gates for a festival. So when travelling in India- always be prepared for seeing vast crowds of Indians thronging everywhere.

10. Our Money

Indians love to save and hate to spend- except on weddings and on education. We aren’t particularly stingy when it comes to food too. The surprise on receiving pocket money in the first go is still unmatched to any other feeling.

11. Our Pets

We profess inane love for all animals- cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits and the likes. However, having them in our home is an idea most Indians are yet to be comfortable with. Because animals poop, and squirt, and need to be taken care of full-time and we are clearly not ready for that commitment.

12. Our Clothes

Our fashion sense is a variable of several factors- how we’re feeling, where we want to go, what other people will be wearing, and most importantly- how we’re travelling to the said place. These are important considerations keeping in mind the Indian fashion climate.

13. Our Drinks

The love for chai has been omnipresent since the bygone British eras. The number of chai breaks would probably outnumber our loo breaks too! The new variants of teas are more than welcome too, of course.

14. Our Family

If there’s a place where you can fathom the extent of the Indian population- it’s in your very own family tree. Indian families can easily extend up to four generations, on both parent’s sides. Think of what happens on our weddings?

15. Our Terms

And lastly, our unique terminologies are what make us characteristically different. Yaar, Bhaiya, Dada, to name a few, are the terms we live our life on and address everyone around us with. Care to learn a few?





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