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5 Types Of People You Will Always Meet On The Delhi Metro

“Yaar, kitni bheedh hai…”

Here are those not-so-fine folks who make your commute worse than it already is.


1)      The Claiming-A-Seat-Is-My-Favourite-Professional-Sport Type

The really fast runners, they make us furious. These are also those who also do not understand the on/off process. People get off; you get on. Let’s read it again, people get off, then- AND ONLY THEN- YOU GET ON. Why are you still confused?

Ah! This has to include all the ‘squeezers’ too, “Thodi si jagah milegi?” “Thoda aur shift hojao, kya hai?”

2)      The Creepy Observers

OMG! Watch out, it’s the silent observer! It’s almost like they can see through you. Like see the real you. Like they know what you did last summer. Like it’s a psychic vision coming through for them. What’s going on in ye jagged minds? PLEASE STOP!

3)      The Are-They-Dead Sleeping Beauties


We are genuinely concerned, what’s up?! Are you dead? Ok, are you alive? WAKE UP; YOU MIGHT JUST MISS YOUR STOP. This also reminds me of those people who act like they’re the only one getting off at a major stop. “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Aap yahin utrenge? Aapko bhi utarna hai?”  UGH! PLEASE CHILL.

4)      The How-Do-I-Silence-Them Loud Talkers

I am not going to be impressed with technology until the invention of a ‘Speech Jammer’. We are on the verge of 2019, been on the moon and back, BUT WHERE IS A SPEECH JAMMER IN THE HOUR OF NEED?

Listen up, all you agony aunts, chatty uncles, rude bosses, all you train broadcasters, we are tired and you’re giving us a headache.

5)      The Music Blasters

Who said “Chinta ta ta tita tita” has to be my favourite song just because it’s yours? Excuse me, no biggie; I just wanted to say… I AM TRYING TO ALIGN MY CHAKRAS! This is my 8 AM commute and I need to meditate before I reach work. You are defeating the purpose of headphones if your poor life choices are pouring out of your earplugs. *Gets distracted by OHM in the background and lets go off the conversation she just had with herself*

Have we missed out any? Share with us all your ‘annoying’ metro travel stories in the comments section below. 

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