6 Must-Visit Unique Cafes in India

No restaurant or café is about food alone anymore. The ambience, the service and most importantly the experience is what it is all about. Food joints nowadays have come up with idiosyncratic, quirky ideas, and themes to gain footfall. With the café culture evolving in the nation, eatery holders are playing around with various ideas to make their establishments unique. While many are working on fascinating themes, some are growing as hubs for social awareness. Besides amusing and attracting people and serving mouthwatering foods, they also aim to create awareness and fight social stigma. Here are seven such cafes that cater to the soul as well and not just your tummy.

1. Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

Pitch dark is a concept majority of us aren’t used to. Imagine being served a surprise dinner by blind waiters in complete darkness. Taste of Darkness in Hyderabad allows you to experience this while creating a culinary journey that challenges your taste buds as well as table manners. In this role reversal, the visually impaired hold sight while the guests are immersed in a whirlwind of emotions. One learns to rely on other senses as they fumble with forks and spoons in the darkness which ultimately provides a powerful insight on what the visually disabled folks have mastered to live with. This is the place to go for a unique dining experience.

2. Cat Studio Cafe, Mumbai

If you are a cat lover and happen to be in Mumbai, you should definitely visit Cat Café Studio. A breath of fresh air with cats roaming freely and mostly taking long blissful place, it is the best place to calm your frayed nerves on a bad day. The café fosters nearly 30 furry little balls that you can play and interact with while having chai and brownies. The place also organizes a lot of events including art exhibitions, open mic nights, and theatre and bake sales while inviting people from different age groups to volunteer and even hold adoption drives for the cats. Now, if you are crazy for cats, you don’t need a reason to visit this place, rather you might be asked to leave at closing time.

3. TherPup Dog Café, Bengaluru

What’s better than a café that offers you and your dog your favourite treats? That’s right! TherPup Café in Bangalore is a one-stop destination for doggies, pet owners and dog lovers to have a pawesome time. You can spend your time playing with the in-house dogs and also get your furry member to get him along with his kind in the café. TherPup’s resident puppies readily leap and bound towards any visitor as if they knew them all their lives. Besides fun and games, the café’s menu has treats for both the two-legged and four-legged, though the doggie menu definitely looks yummier. While the human can choose from a variety of heavenly starters, sandwiches, pasta, nachos and drinks, the doggies can settle on yummy canine food starters, treats and main courses.

4. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Ever imagined having a meal with the dead? In a nation where even living in close proximity to a cemetery is seen as inauspicious and unlucky, New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad lets you have a meal with the dead. Built atop an old Muslim cemetery, this more than 50 years old little food joint has coffins and food tables right next to each other. Although the coffins are sealed with iron grills, it does give you an adrenaline rush. However, regular customers don’t find it unusual and one of them had been none other than the famous M.F Husain. The owner of the joint strongly believes that the graves brought in nothing but only fortune to his business.

5. Echoes, Delhi

There is no dearth of splendid bistros in Delhi. Some serve marvelous food, while some have a remarkable ambience. What then makes this café named Echoes stand out? The fact that it’s fully run by deaf and mute people. Now most of us are already wondering about how difficult it would be to call deaf waiters and that it might be challenging to place one’s orders. But everything is in place in Echoes it seems. A light bulb is used to catch the waiter’s attention to a table while the customer is required to write down their order in a notebook. For different things like spoons, water, forks and so forth there are specially made placards which can be shown to the waiters and they shall serve you immediately. Worth adding to all our bucket lists, isn’t it?  Worth adding to all our bucket lists, isn’t it?

6. Robot Theme Restaurant, Chennai

What about robots replacing the typical bright (now and again not that happy) waiters? Sounds like something out of a Will Smith motion picture? Not a chance. Robot Theme Restaurant is the first of its kind in India and staying true to its theme, they have robot for waiters. An iPad decorates each table and a request can be made by the customer directly, which, in turn, lands on the system at the kitchen. Once the gourmet experts prepare it, a robot lifts it up and conveys it straight to your table. It’s not just the ambience that has got us snared on this place but the food as well. In case you’re into sci-fi and love to enjoy the yummiest dishes, then Chennai’s Robot Theme Restaurant is just the place for you.


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