All- Women Bikers Contingent & More: The Many Firsts Of The 71st Republic Day Parade

We all already knew about Captain Tania Shergill being the adjutant of the Republic Day 2020 parade, but that isn’t the only “first of its kind” sight that we will witness during the 71st Republic Day Parade.

Starting off the first, and in a break with the usual – Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to martyred soldiers at the National War Memorial, instead of Amar Jawan Jyoti.

In a display of grit, gender equality, bravery, and conviction – an all-woman bikers contingent of the Central Reserve Police Force makes its debut at the 71st Republic Day. The contingent will be commanded by Inspector Seema Nag, who is posted with the Rapid Action Force (RAF).

Showing the might of our expansive forces, the “Trishul” fly-past will be carried out by three Advanced Light Helicopters and for the the first time, ever, a “tri-service formation” will take part in a Republic Day parade. This will be followed by the ”Vic” formation of Chinook helicopters, used for airlifting diverse loads to remote locations. Alongside this, Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASAT) from Mission Shakti, the Dhanush artillery, the newly-inducted Chinook heavy lift and Apache attack choppers would be at display for the first time as well.

And lastly, for the very first time during a Republic Day Parade, there will be the contingent of the Corps of Army Air Defence.


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