73-Year-Old Indian Woman Gives Birth To Twins

It’s never too late to fulfil your wishes and this Indian couple from Andhra Pradesh proved every bit of it true. Mangayamma Yaramati, a 73-year-old farmer became mother to twin girls and is believed to be the oldest person ever to give birth. And while she is a spry 73, her husband is 80!

Mangayamma and her husband, Sitarama Rajarao, have been married since 1962 and had always wanted children. Finally they approached Dr. Sanakayyala Umashankar, the director of Ahalya IVF, who agreed to give them one round of IVF treatmeant- and it was a success! Given Mangayamma’s age, the doctors performed a C-section and the surgery went well without complications. Even the she will keep her under observation for the next 21 days as Dr. Umashankar said, “We are not allowing the mother to breastfeed and the babies will be fed through the milk bank”.

The new father, 82-year-old Rajarao, reportedly had a stroke the next day, and is being treated at the same hospital. Still, three hours after the birth, he told the BBC he and Yaramati were “incredibly happy” as he already begun making plans for his daughter, said Umashankar. And for Mangayamma, it is a new lease of life at the age of 73.