A Matrimonial Firm Has Paid Its ‘Royal Member’ Rs 62,000 For Being Unable To Find A Groom

In India, ‘shaadi’ is a serious business. A matrimonial firm had to pay Rs 62,000 to man from Chandigarh for failing to find his daughter a suitable boy. 

Surinder Pal Singh Chahal of Mohali filed a complaint against Wedding Wish Private Limited, a matrimonial agency, at the District Cosumer Disputes Redressal Forum. Following which, the company had to not only refund their Rs 50,000 deposit with a 9 percent interest rate but also pay Rs 12,000 as compensation and litigation expenses.

The father asserts in his complaint that the profiles shared by Wedding Wish were “totally different” from what he wanted, “not even a single profile met with their requirements”. What fueled his anger further was the fact that some of the prospective grooms were were ‘manglik’. Chahal sent the company a legal notice on October 22, 2018. After not getting a response, the family dragged the case to the consumer forum.

Surinder Pal Singh Chahal and his wife Narimder Kaur had been looking for a partner for their daughter, Noreen, since 2017, when Wedding Wish reached them after seeing their newspaper advertisement. Noreen signed an agreement with the firm and made a payment of Rs 50,000 to become a ‘royal member’.

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