Ahead Of Christmas, Keepers Send Special Gifts To Animals At London Zoo

How to pass on some festive joy to the animals? This zoo in London is leading by example. 

The zoo’s troop of Bolivian black-capped squirrel monkeys received a climbing frame, decorated with edible gifts. Sumatran tiger Asim was given presents filled with turkey wings. The zoo’s ring-tailed lemurs were gifted stockings stuffed with a selection of veggie trimmings.

Angela Ryan, the zoo’s animal manager, said, “It’s the season of giving and our keepers always look forward to sharing the magic of Christmas with the animals at ZSL London Zoo.

“Just like children all over the country when they wake up on Christmas morning, Asim loved tearing into his brightly wrapped presents to get at the meaty snacks inside.

“Our squirrel monkeys and lemurs enjoyed finding the festive treats hidden in their stockings.”


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