Residents Of This Complex In Kerala Woke Up To Liquor Flowing From Their Water Taps

Excise officials have found themselves in a spot after liquor started flowing from the water taps inside a residential building in Kerala, reports a news daily. 

Residents of Solomon’s Avenue Flat in Chalakudy have filed complaints after a liquor disposal attempt by officials contaminated the nearby well used for water by the flat residents, the report adds.

“Their search led them to a bunch of excise sleuths whose attempt to destroy seized liquor had gone horribly wrong,” said the report.

The officials had seized 6,000 litres of unlawfully stored liquor from a nearby bar six years ago, the report points out. The officials then dug a pit in the premise and poured out the liquor bottles after the court gave the go-ahead to destroy the liquor, the report further cleared.

The liquor later seeped into the nearby well thus contaminating the water. This water from the well was pumped into the tank of the flat leading to all the troubles, the report said.

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