You Can Watch An Asteroid The Size Of Mount Everest Zoom Past Earth Today

If everything else happening in the world was not enough, now reports of an asteroid the size of Mount Everest ‘zooming’ past Earth today, is doing the rounds.

Touted to be the ‘biggest asteroid of the year’, Asteroid 1998 OR2‘s ‘flyby’ is expected to happen at 3:36 PM, on Wednesday, April 29, according to NASA reports. The good part, however, is that you can watch the live broadcast of this asteroid live in action.

A number of observatories have offered to host a ‘watch party’ for space enthusiasts. One of them being ‘Slooh’, that will broadcast ‘live telescope views’ of the said asteroid, at 4:30am on April 30, on its website and YouTube page.

So in case you stay up till or wake up in the wee hours of the morning, we’d say don’t miss this phenomenon. 2020 has been, after all, an unusual year.

3 thoughts on “You Can Watch An Asteroid The Size Of Mount Everest Zoom Past Earth Today”

  1. Anurag Agarwal

    This asteroid is hardly 1 Km in size and all the reports in Indian Reports are claiming it to be Everest size (9 Km)…
    This coupled with headlines claiming that scientists are worried and it may slam earth are at best sensationalism… Kindly refrain from these kind of reporting…

  2. Trudy

    Thank you

  3. anil


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