Bali To Soon Call For A Sex Ban On Unmarried Couples

Whenever we think of vacationing on a beachy, holiday island, Bali is a name sure to pop in everybody’s list of places. However, Bali tourism operators have a different story to tell.

Bali tourism operators say they are already seeing a response to Indonesia’s plan to outlaw unmarried tourists from having sex on the holiday island.

The Indonesian parliament is planning to place criminal penalty on all sex outside of marriage. The new criminal code that could become law later this month.

You and your lover could be behind bars for anywhere between six months to a year, depending on which draft of the resolution becomes law this month.

Moreover, unmarried travellers won’t be allowed to get a room unless they bring with themselves their marriage certificate to prove their relationship.

Also, it’s an offence for anyone who is not a health professional or “competent volunteer” to discuss contraception and family planning. Even getting an abortion would become nearly impossible.

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