Bengaluru Police Distributes Sanitary Pads To Women Living In Migrant Camps

With the novel coronavirus bringing the nation’s economy to a standstill, daily wage earners have very evidently been the worst affected. And as arranging basic food and water is becoming a challenge for those living in various makeshift government accommodations, the focus on personal sanitation continues to be a question mark for the women of these migrant camps. 

In a thoughtful step, however, Bengaluru’s police department has gone around distributing sanitary pads to almost 30,000 women living in the said camps, across the city. Close to 60,000 packs of sanitary napkins were distributed among the women, taking care of their menstrual hygiene for the next two months at least.

An initiative by two women officers, namely, Rohini Katoch Sepat, deputy commissioner of police (south division) and Nisha James, deputy commissioner of police – the women, who were earlier being forced to use cloth, now have disposable pads they can use to maintain personal hygiene.

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