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The Ultimate Christmas Gift-List EVER

You might think that dressing up is the most stressful bit during the festive season. But is it really? What about buying gifts for others? The holiday season is meant to bring joy, happiness, and of those warm fuzzy feelings, but buying gifts can inevitably bring the exact opposite feelings into your life. With so many people to shop for, and so many products you can buy, we understand you’re often left to wonder how you could possibly find the right gift for everyone on your list.

We’ve compiled a list of all the things that’ll help you go that extra mile to show your loved ones you really love them and appreciate them.

Cute Beanies

We all love them and can never have enough of them. There’s no such thing as too many beanies and if you can grab an adorable one, there’s no way the receiver won’t like it.

Pretty Treasure Boxes

OMG, how gorgeous are these wooden little trunks. Bring back the days of old time with a warm and welcoming pretty little chest. They’re always useful; be it for storage or décor.

A Reflection Journal

When people don’t leave office until 8 P.M. every night, writing for an hour takes up a chunk of time that we don’t have. So go for ‘One Line a Day’ journal where, you guessed it, people won’t even take 5 minutes to write down a single sentiment every day. It’s an incredible way to reflect on the high’s and low’s of the year.

A Handbag

(C)Da Milano

A handbag is a perfect gift you can give someone, but only if you know them in and out. It’s something the receiver will carry most of the day, so it should reflect her personality. And every time she carries it, she’ll remember you. So, let her flaunt.


You may think otherwise, but sunglasses are one of the perfect gifts to give this Christmas. Suitable for all-year-round wear, we can rock them during summer and also during winter.

Hardshell Headphone Case


A cluttered purse is simply no match for a cute case like this. Find one where the cords stay tangle-free. The receiver will just thank you every time he/she easily finds the earplugs in a rush.

Six Pack Beer Belt

If you know someone who would prefer a six-pack belt of beer rather than abs, here is your perfect gift for them. Gifting the beer loving friend something along these lines will really make their Christmas happier. And adding a couple of cans or bottles on the belt will do no harm.

Ostrich Pillow

We all have that one friend who loves to sleep and don’t really need a bed to do that. Why not give them a pillow and make it more comfortable for them. What’s best is that this pillow has an opening for the mouth and nose, thus ensuring that the sleeping person don’t face any discomforts.

A Smart Water Bottle

No one has to be a fitness enthusiast (or workout at all, really) to love a Bluetooth equipped water bottle. It syncs to your phone, keeps track of how much water you’re drinking and also gives you punny reminders to drink up. It sounds fancy and amazing.

Christmas Pajamas and T-Shirts

Pick up a long-sleeved tee for every member of your Christmas crew, and gather around the tree for the Christmas picture perfect.


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