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70th Republic Day Will Be A Hallmark In Indian History, This Is Why

They are bold, they are fearless and they are the shining beacons of hope who clearly deserve a standing ovation. Yes, we are talking about Indian women. From leading the country’s freedom struggle to chairing the nation’s economic pillars, from spreading the tricolours on the sporting world’s map to making the world groove to the tunes of music or literature, Indian women have aced every opportunity that came their way. And Indian women have proved the critics wrong once again and this time it’s through the military. Yes, you heard it right!


For the first time in the history of Indian Army, a lady officer will lead a whole contingent of 144 male personnel on the Republic Day parade. Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi is the country’s first lady who will lead Indian Army’s Service Corps (ASC) on India’s 70th Republic Day celebrations. Lt. Kasturi leading ASC on the parade that celebrates the country’s democracy clearly shows the positive change that the country’s defense system is inclining towards. This parade is all the more significant because ASC, which handles the logistic support function of the Indian army is taking part in the parade after a gap of almost two decades.

Women dominance in this year’s parade is not just limited to Lt. Kasturi. The parade will also see Captain Shikha Surabhi lead the Army’s Daredevils Motorcycle Display troop for the first time ever. Captain Surabhi will salute the guests while riding a bike and the whole Daredevil contingent of 33 men riding nine bikes in pyramid formation will ride behind her. And FYI, the Daredevils group holds 24 world records, including a Guinness World Record.

It’s indeed a matter of great pride for India as two women are marching towards a historic moment with great valor.