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Remember in Mad Men, for those of you who watched it, when Don Draper was always a little aloof and creepier than usual? When he would lose himself in insidious thoughts all to David Carbonara’s soundtrack. When he had a separate identity and save for a contact – probably the only person he really loved – and was originally Richard Whitman and when it all came crashing down, we were all – oh okay! That’s a very worrying way to live. But, hey just like always Truth is stranger than Fiction. If you follow Humans of New York on Instagram, a series of post possibly made you feel uneasier by the minute (we know it made actor Jennifer Garner get really anxious).

The post chronicles the life of the Loves, a seemingly average Black couple in New York, only to be marred by the shaking truth that the patriarch of the family was never a Love to begin with. He was a Miller, and he has a past that could literally put any show, any movie, any book to shame.

From doing petty crime to doing serious time to finally running away from prison, vowing to change his identity, landing up in New York City, and having a family with Cheryl – Bob Love’s life was nothing like you would ever expect! In the post he says,

My old ways caught up with me, and I fell in with the wrong group of kids. These guys were robbing banks—and getting away with it. So I decided to tag along. We’d drive down to North Carolina because those banks had less security. And we got away with it a few times. After every score, we’d hang out on the strip at 14th and T, and act like big timers. We felt like gangsters. I have nobody to blame but myself

But even with the absolutely crackling episode that Love went through, it was his wife Cheryl’s love, grace, and strength that makes this post an absolute delight to witness.

I was more hurt than anything. Bobby had deceived me for all those years. There was no truth in our house. I’m walking past this man every single day. We laughing. We joking. And he’s not telling me anything? I was so angry. But I never hated him. I wanted to comfort him. I wanted to hold his hand. I told Bobby later, ‘That’s how I knew I loved you. Because even in the worst of it, I was thinking about you.’ When I first visited him in prison, he broke down crying. His head was in his hands, and he told me: ‘I know, you’re going to leave me.’ I told him: ‘No Bobby Love, I married you for better or for worse. And right now this is the worst.’”

Like an Instagram user smartly observed – this story is worthy of something so much more!


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