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10 Embarrassing Bollywood Songs That’ll Make You Go WTF!

Do you think today’s music is trash? You think our playlist is vulgar? Bollywood’s tryst with love, romance and sexual innuendos has been tight, right from the beginning. No problem Aunty Ji, only one question, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Here are 10 songs that’ll make you cringe in delight!

1) Main Maal Gaadi – Andaz

The video of the song opens with a suhaag raat scene and the lyrics are … “Main maal gadi tu dhakka laga”. Hey Anil Kapoor, what were you even thinking?

2) Batata Wada – Hifazat

Enter the world of Bollywood and you’ll know romantic films are the biggest box office churners. And those romantic songs? They’ll make you want to fall in love. From Pehla Nasha to Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana and so many others that’ll make you want to call your ex. Comparing your love to a snack? Batata Wada is illogically embarrassing.

3) Main Laya Hu Chuha Apna – Yaar Gaddar

“Arey mai laya hu chuha apna, kaha hai teri chuhi”

What is this supposed to mean anyway? Saif Ali Khan, you need to give our dirty minds an answer!

4) Teri Le Loon – Tere Mere Beech Mein

“Teri le loon baahe baah mein, chhed mat deewane mujhe rah mein

Khol ke mujhko dede, oh dede dede…”

This has given us some trauma. Censor board, where were ye?

5) Tu Mera Superman – Dariya Dil

Govinda has always given us the laughs. Comedy Raja, we would like to tell you, this is super funny. And for those of you reading, WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!

Tu mera Superman main teri lady, hogaya apna pyaar already…

If not for the stupid lyrics, you need to watch the video for those hilariously fantastic dance moves. Govinda is iconic. Period.

6) Din Main Leti Hai, Raat Mai Leti Hai – Amaanat

Din mein leti hai, raat mein leti hai, subah ko leti hai, sham ko leti hai

Bus mein leti hai, local mein leti hai, theatre mein leti hai, hotel mein leti hai

Sadko mein leti hai, chhup kar galiyo mein leti hai

Yup, that’s the song.

7) Khada Hai – Andaz 

“Khada hai, khada hai, khada haiii…” WHAT??!

8) Hum Toh Tambu Mai Bambu Lagae Bethe – Mard

Amitabh ji  squeezes a wet cloth and goes on to sing “Maine jor lagaaya haath se bhi dabaaya…par dil ki miti na chubhan.” *CRINGEEEEE!*

9) Sarkai Lo Khatiyaa – Raja Babu

Why were they belting out songs with double meanings, we want to know! This one shouldn’t have been written, let alone be performed. Govinda sings “Suyi chubhe koyi shola sa bhadake” while thrusting his hips vigorously in sync with Karisma. Our imagination is running far and wild… Censor board you were clearly not doing your job back in the day.

10)  La Dunga La Dunga – Amaanat

So he says La Dunga – but his actions indicate otherwise. No?

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