You Don’t See This Everyday: Sisters Ride Horses In Their Own Baraat

You can defy gender stereotypes on a daily basis, by the smallest of acts, or the biggest of overt gestures – just like these two sisters from Madhya Pradesh who took on one of the most significant traditions of a normal Hindu wedding – the baraat – and switched it up because it’s 2020 and there’s nothing only men are entitled to do!

Sakshi and Srishti, ready to wed on 22 January, took out their own wedding procession and rode horses all the way to the grooms’ houses in Khandwa!

We mean we saw this in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, when Alia Bhatt – in a very romantic gesture for Varun Dhawan – took a baraat to him full of people and a loudspeaker, and now we got to see it happen in real life! So long art makes you imitate these amazing things – we are all for it!

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