The Pictures Of Earth Taken By Chandrayaan – 2 Will Take You Over The Moon

India’s second mission to the moon kicked off on July 22 as Chandrayaan-2 was successfully launched to explore the uncharted lunar South Pole by landing a rover. And now just two weeks after its launch, Indian space agency ISRO has released a set of five stunning images of Earth that were taken by the rocket.

The images were taken from a distance of approximately 5,000 km and by the LI4 camera aboard the lander, and they show parts of the Pacific Ocean and the American continent. Take a look at the pictures here:

According to ISRO, the lunar South Pole is an interesting surface area which remains in the shadow as compared to the North Pole. There is a possibility of the presence of water in permanently shadowed areas around it, thus adding the possibility of craters in the South Pole region having cold traps and containing fossil record of the early solar system. The lunar landing, scheduled for September 7 comes 11 years after ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan-1, in October 2008.

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