15 Italian Tourists In Delhi Test Positive For Coronavirus

AIIMS on Wednesday said 15 Italian tourists have tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday. The group of Italian tourists has been quarantined at an ITBP facility in New Delhi.

These foreigners, 13 women and eight men, were in the same group of which an Italian and his wife have tested positive in Rajasthan capital Jaipur, according to Health Ministry sources. Three Indians, who were accompanying this Italian group as tour operators, have also been sent to the ITBP facility in Chhawla area of south-west Delhi. Six people in India have tested positive for coronavirus so far. An Italian couple in Rajasthan, a Bengaluru techie and another in Delhi who had travelled to Italy are among the 6 cases of confirmed coronavirus in India.

Till Tuesday, India reported 6 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including three from Kerala, who were initially tested positive and have recovered. They have gone back to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, a man from New Delhi was also tested positive for the virus on Tuesday. Two schools in Noida subsequently suspended classes as some students of the schools attended a birthday party hosted by the same man.

The man’s child studies in one of the two schools. However, the school has now been declared coronavirus-free after a thorough check. What remains a matter of concern is that the man also met with some people from Agra, following which tests are being conducted on them.

So far, 438 persons in India have been reported as suspects, of which 225 have completed 28 days of surveillance and 189 are still under observation.

At least 89 persons have been kept in isolation. Out of 118 tested, 103 have been found negative and results of 14 are awaited, an official release said.

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