Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Dolphins & Swans Return To Venice

Italy is under lockdown while COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the country and claim more lives. Wildlife that’s usually kept away from the Italian coast and Venice canal appears to have returned, thanks to a lack of tourism and docking cruise ships.

Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has hardly recovered from extreme flooding in November of last year before it was inflicted with the coronavirus outbreak. Amid this time, happy images emerge from the lagoon city, showing lucid canals and the unprecedented return of swans, fish, and even dolphins to the city’s waters as gondola traffic has been brought to a halt.

Francesco Delrio, who witnessed a boar loitering in the streets, tweeted, “Boars in the middle of my hometown, dolphins in the port of Cagliari, ducks in the fountains in Rome, Venice canals have now clean water full of fishes. Air pollution dropped. Nature is reclaiming its spaces during quarantine in Italy.”

“Seems like Corona is the vaccine and we are virus of the nature!” another Twitter user asserted.

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