A Pilot & A Doctor: Corona Warriors Are Being Celebrated Across The Country

What the outbreak of novel coronavirus has taught the world is to not take things for granted, whether it is your health, your body, your loved ones, the food you get, the privilege you have been bestowed upon. It also makes us realise of how many heroes are nestled in the surrounding corners, doing their best with some valour and some empathy. Two such cases have come to light, one of Pilot Manish Sharma, who returned home after operating an international evacuation flight. His neighbours wanted to honour his service to the country and decided to exclaim their gratitude! This comes in as a majority of pilots and health workers have been at the receiving end of backlash from their neighbours on fears of spreading the coronavirus infection.

Another such case of a hero is Dr. Sachin Nayak, who has decided to make his car a makeshift accommodation, so he can avoid spreading the infection to his family at his home! This comes as such a refreshing sight, as the medical professional is actually choosing to sacrifice the comfort of his home because of his duty as an aware and sensible citizen and a doctor!

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