COVID 19: Containment Zones Increased As Countrywide Cases Cross 12,000

Over the weekend of April 10-12, the country employed zones to trace and treat the novel coronavirus outbreak in India. The government is going to look at the cases nationwide and their intensity as per these zones, and following these would they assign containment of areas.

The Centre on Wednesday asked all the states to classify districts into hotspots, i.e. red zones, non-hostpots and green zones. The country right now stands at 170 hotspots, with metro cities such as Delhi recording 57 containment zones, and Mumbai recording 438 containment zones. Other cities in the list include (among others) Kolkata, nine districts of Bengaluru Urban, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur and Agra.

According to the ministry, the containment operation would be deemed over when no new case is reported in 28 days from an area and also after the last case tests negative, and will automatically become a Green Zone, whereas if no case is reported in the next 14 days they will be turned into Orange Zone.

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