COVID 19: This Is How You Can Workout During Self Isolation

‘Social distancing’ and ‘self isolation’ becomes the norm as the world braves the Corona pandemic with a lockdown across countries and states; health comes first, indeed.

But what about people like me and many others whose day is incomplete without a workout session? Whether its the spin class to intense strength training or that circuit class which leaves you breathless!

Yes, abs are made in the kitchen- you are what you eat but the importance of exercise and workouts cannot be disputed for your over all mental and physical well being.

So, as gymnasiums and fitness studios shut down across, do you sleep in or do you push yourself to explore other ways to keeping fit?!

The latter for most because nothing beats a morning brisk walk; a run or uphill sprints will help build endurance and strength. That apart you get your dose of Vitamin D and breathe in clean fresh air which is great for the lungs.

So, here how you can make the green outdoors your gym (if the temperature allows) :

1. Tabata Training is a form of high-intensity training, that includes eight rounds. Each round consists of 20 seconds of intense activity followed by 10 seconds of rest, for eight rounds altogether. So choose your plan- squat, lunges, push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, sprawls, skater jumps.

2. If you have a TRX band nothing like to get some of the suspension moves in which use your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength. Anyone can do it, irrespective of your fitness level. Log on to and you can do it outdoors or indoors.

3. If low impact and free flowing is what you prefer, do Yoga- 100 Suryanamaskars and you have a full body workout done.

That apart many fitness apps could be your perfect go-to’s for workout plans with many even conducting round the clock live sessions hosted by trainers giving you the experience of a fitness class from the confines of your home. Here is our list of some apps and online sessions you could log on!

Cure Fit has launched a series of live sessions through the day lead by trainers which include total body strength, lower body and core , upper body strength as well as many yoga sessions including pranayama classes to calm the body and mind

Sweat by Kayla Itsines, is my favourite and also popular amongst women across the world. Kayla’s BBG (Bikini Body Guide) includes high and low intensity work outs that can be done at home. It also includes power work outs which is resistance training as well as fierce a high intensity strength training to burn fat. The app also has a Yoga program for strength and flexibility. So roll out that mat and go

However, nothing beats a HIIT workout so download the HIIT workouts 7 M app

If apps are not your scene, log on to Blogilates by celebrity fitness trainer Cassey Ho. She has even designed a 14 day quarantine plan.

Another option is Popsugar Fitness, several videos with a variety of exercise sessions, high to low intensity, equipment free to free style as well as with basic equipment.

Fitness Blender has intense at home HIIT routines with low impact modifications as well as a huge selection of workout videos and programs to make you feel your best.

So there needs to no excuse to not workout but do remember to watch that diet after all its 80 percent about what you eat. So stay fit and stay healthy.



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