COVID-19: India Crosses 60,000 Cases, Health Ministry Ramps Up Testing Capacity

As a locked down India crosses 60,000 cases of the novel coronavirus, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan announces that the testing capacity in the country is being ramped up to around 95,000 tests a day.

Amongst the emerging reports of at least a 136 districts and multiple states being declared COVID-19 free, one cannot neglect the increase in nationwide tally, that has now crossed 60,000. The death toll too, is almost 2,000.

While many earlier complained that the testing rate in the country was low, as most patients appeared asymptomatic, the Union Health Minister has now said that they’ve ramped up the testing capacity to 95,000 tests a day. So far, over 15 lakh tests have been conducted.

As India battles this pandemic and frontline workers continue to risk their lives for the safety of the nation, the only appeal at this moment, is for everyone to stay home and step out only for essentials.

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