COVID 19: India Crosses 1 Lakh Cases As 39,000 Patients Recover

As India looks at Lockdown 4.0 with states enforcing their own guidelines for restrictions and relaxations, fresh data from the Union Health Ministry shows that India has crossed the one-lakh mark in the number of coronavirus cases, with over 4,900 new cases in the past 24 hours. However, thirty-nine thousand patients have recovered, with the active cases being somewhere below 60,000.

The Union Health Ministry has also said that around one lakh people were tested for the highly contagious coronavirus in 24 hours, which was a first since the country entered a nationwide lockdown. India has 7.1 coronavirus cases per one lakh people so far as against 60 globally, the government said on Monday.

The current tally of the most cases state wise are as follows:

Maharashtra: 35,058

Tamil Nadu: 11, 760

Gujarat: 11, 746

Delhi: 10, 054

Rajasthan: 5, 629


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