Foreign Tourists Chilling In Rishikesh Caught By Police, Made To Write “I Am Sorry” 500 Times

The national lockdown has brought the country to a standstill; people are scrapping for groceries, some people are scrambling to go back home, there is uncertainty in all aspects, but people are trying to follow the rules of the lockdown as much as possible to contain the novel coronavirus.

Well, almost all people.

A group of 10 foreign national were caught strolling along Ganga in Rishikesh, entirely violating the national lockdown, and not exercising social distancing. They put their own health in danger, as well as of those who may come in contact with them. Enter the police work force, who caught them and gave them a fitting punishment. They made the tourists apologise by writing – I didn’t follow lockdown rules, I am sorry.

After all, nothing quite says apology than something in writing.

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