Baby Born On Special Express From Bengaluru To New Delhi, Almost 30 New Births Recorded On Board The Shramik Trains

Over 30 newborns have arrived thus far on Shramik Special trains since the beginning of May, when the trains first set operation to transport migrants across the country who were stranded in different parts.

In the early hours of May 24, a woman passenger in one of the special trains, from Bengaluru to New Delhi reported labour pain. A doctor was subsequently called at Mathura, but the woman refused treatment due to fear of being infected with coronavirus. However, a lady doctor was also a passenger int the same train and helped the pregnant woman safely deliver the baby.

It’s truly special to see something as miraculous as a child’s birth happening during a time when everyone most requires to witness some good news, some nature’s good bestowment, and some happiness!

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