Earth Day 2020: Is There A Possible Ecological Silver Lining Due To COVID 19?

One of the most significant bits that we all, as citizens of the world, remember from the past few years has been the tireless efforts of Greta Thunberg. The young girl has travelled the world, skipped school, ruffled global feathers, and compelled us all to think sure and hard about the upcoming doom, even more lasting than the novel coronavirus pandemic. Climate Change. No precautions, no vaccines, no contact mapping, infection tracing; climate change, and ecological degradation has been in the works for so long that it is always within our grasp and truly nothing can save us from it.

Or so we thought, until COVID 19 hit us all with a reality check. Turns out humans were capable of honouring and respecting the nature, they just didn’t want to. Until their life depended on it, in the truest sense of the sentiment.

The things we learnt from well, the past few months of being in lockdown – self isolation – quarantine is that we indeed can survive without mass consumption (hoarders I am not talking to you), that we can live without the eagerness of going out every other night, that we need to sensibly use energy resources. The air is cleaner, the trees greener, our homes bereft of copious amounts of extraness that we could have lived just as happily without. This pandemic has made us realise that we can live the slow life, and we can thrive in it, and it will only reap good benefits. Of course, the circumstances should have been different, of course I speak from a place of privilege, and the silver lining isn’t worth the devastation. But it is the hand we have been dealt with, and it is what we must take advantage of.

We need to consciously understand how we can change the paradigm of the life we have all been trained to live. We must accept the changes that a post-COVID world will bring us, and most importantly we must be willing to work towards more changes that we can bring forth together to believe in the power of living a life where moments are savoured, not quantified by materialism.

So, as we brave something as tragic as the pandemic, let’s take a moment to understand that we have chance to ward off something as tragic in the coming years. Here’s what you can do:

  • Stop using fuel carelessly
  • Cook more organic, eat better
  • Don’t invest in fast fashion, it is terrible in terms of labour laws thanks to sweatshops and double terrible for the environment due to excessive production using cheap material
  • Invest in more sustainable fabrics and completely stop using plastic
  • Compost
  • Upcycle and recycle
  • Don’t waste food, realise that hunger is an actual problem
  • Encourage the government to invest in more green projects and not deforest for the sake of ‘development’
  • Workout and meditate for a calmer and fitter interior and exterior
  • Have more meaningful and honest relationships with your loved ones, support each other, and reduce the baggage of vitriol, hate, grudges, and toxicity
  • Read more, and spend less time digitally attached
  • Believe in the power of self and positive vibes. Manifesting good for the universe will almost always be rexognised
  • Check your privilege and help those who can benefit from it, whether through wealth, or health, or a conversation

The world is at a crossroads where we get to decide what lesson we take from it, so let’s all be conscientious and gauge from perspective.

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