All You Need To Know About Air Travel Resuming To & From Delhi Airport

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), with instructions from Civil Aviation Ministry has given a green signal to resumption of services from May 25. This comes exactly after two months of severe restrictions and complete shutdown of air travel around the country.

Resumption of air services doesn’t bring the situation to status quo as a slew of restrictions is to be observed by both the airport authorities and the passengers. The authority on its part will be upgrading its infrastructure in various ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19. There shall be installation of automatic hand sanitizers at various places, floor markers for guidance, allocation of entry gates and check-in islands for departure passengers have also been arranged.

The passengers on their part have been instructed to download the Aarogya Setu App. They shall be thermal scanned at entries and various points at the airport. The passengers will be encouraged to check-in at home or use self service facilities such as self-check-in, self-bag tag facility, scan and fly etc. At security checks, social distancing amongst CISF troopers shall be maintained. Queue managers shall be deployed to make sure that passengers in line occupy designated social distancing spots.

After security check-in, the passenger shall move towards security hold area where they can go to food court and other facilities while maintaining strict social distancing protocol. Travelers shall be encouraged to download HOI App which is an AI enabled app for contact-less commerce. At the boarding gates, marking for non-usage chairs shall be done for social distancing.

For arriving passengers, similar social-distancing norms shall be applied. All departure baggage shall be disinfected using UV Light Disinfection Tunnel. All passengers shall be encouraged to wear masks and gloves and to observe strict social distancing. For high contact surfaces, 608,000 sq. mtrs. terminal would be deep cleaned every day.

A 500-strong team of professional cleaners have been hired to clean the airport every hour. Air inside the terminal shall also be sanitized by AIR HANDLING UNIT (AHU) which will sanitize the air after passing it through UV light and Hepta filters and replace air inside every ten minutes. This is the new normal and we might just learn to board this new reality!

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