Indian Couple Makes Low Cost Ventilator In Just 3 Weeks!

Another day, another invention aimed to fight the novel coronavirus. With scores of people scrambling to make health gadgets, and medical tech to help the frontline workers save as many people as possible from the deadly clutches of COVID19. So, this news is definitely a positive one!

According to the Press Trust of India (PTI), an Indian American couple of a professor and physician has developed a low-cost emergency ventilator that can hit production soon. The couple, Mr. Devesh Ranjan, and Ms. Kumuda Ranjan developed this portable ventilator in just three weeks.

Mr. Ranjan told PTI that the estimated production cost of the ventilator is 100 USD, which is roughly around 7,500 INR. Usually, as per the professor, a ventilator of this nature in the US costs 10000 USD.

As per the reports, this ventilator uses electric sensors and computer control to oversee and manage different elements like respiration rate and pressure on lungs. Dr Kumuda Ranjan told PTI that the goal of this project is to make a low-cost ventilator that gives controls to the physician.

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