IIT Guwahati Students Have Designed A Low- Cost Intubation Box To Help Medics

From vaccines to cures to easy devices to ramp up testing, the world is figuring out how to best help those vulnerable or unwell, during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Now, students from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, have invented something that could greatly help mitigate deadly affects of the contagious disease.

IIT Guwahati students have designed and developed low-cost intubation boxes, which function as an aerosol obstruction box that is placed atop the patient’s bed. This limits the flow of virus-laden droplets from patient to doctor, especially during the process of intubation.

Medical and healthcare workers are coming across as the section of people highly susceptible when it comes contracting the coronavirus, and many doctors & nurses have come forward to talk about the lack of precautionary and protective gear they are equipped with. At a time such as this, the intubation box can come across as very helpful.

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