ICYMI: Mt. Everest Was Visible From Kathmandu Thanks To Cleaner Air

Whether it was the pink flamingoes that were spotted in Mumbai, or the general air quality index – that has been witnessing some progression, as India sees its 4th phase of lockdown, the carbon footprint on an entire nation has dipped giving space to a cleaner air, and a more amiable environment. So when a tweet of Mount Everest being witnessed from Kathmandu was posted, it didn’t take us by surprise all that much as much as it left us awestruck.

After the Kathmandu resident, Abhushan Gautam tweeted out this picture, it rose to vitality, after all how often does one see the mighty Mount Everest on a normal day. Soon after, a Nepalese news portal also tweeted out similar pictures, asserting that indeed thanks to the glorious clean air, the mountains were visible!

Of course its bittersweet, that it took a pandemic to honour and respect our environment, but anything positive right now is a much needed silver lining!