Law School Alumni Network Raises Funds To Arrange Mumbai To Ranchi Flight For Migrants

The alumni network of the prestigious National Law School of India University, Bangalore has leased an Air Asia flight to transport 180 migrant workers who are stranded in Mumbai.

As per the legal portal, Livelaw, a member of the organising team mentioned how their idea was to first arrange for buses for these migrants but the complications that arose in terms of the paper-work was extensive, hence they decided to have the stranded migrant workers airlifted.

The member further added, that due to an alumni working in the Tata group they were put in touch with someone at Air Asia.

This is the very first time, outside of the governmental policies and efforts, has a group of individuals come to the aid of migrant workers who want to go home but haven’t been able to due to the nationwide lockdown, subsequent high fares, and inaccessibility.

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