This Sikh Community In California Is Supplying Meals To Healthcare Providers Daily

Community belongingness, and togetherness in the eye of a pandemic is truly one of the most promising experiences we have collectively witnessed ever since the world was crippled by the novel coronavirus. Whether it is coming together to salute frontline workers, or it is by lighting up monuments to acknowledge the tireless efforts of healthcare practitioners, but within the trenches of these heroes also lie the everyday heroes – the Covid warriors. Like the members of Southern California’s United Sikh Mission has been distributing about 1,400 meals ever since the news of the pandemic first broke out.

Reports suggest that this is one of the largest operations in the region, supplying thousands of vegetarian meals not only to seniors and healthcare providers but also through daily drive-throughs.

Gurpreet Singh, a coordinator with the United Sikh Mission, spoke to the Orange County Register of how their small operation, which started out serving about 175 meals daily outside the temple, grew with help from the local Sikh community into a significant project that has handed out 40,000 meals over the past four weeks.

Stories like this make us believe that humanity reigns supreme and there is no insurmountable feat that can’t be achieved through belief in fraternity!

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