Around 700 Tribal Women From Rajasthan Are Developing PPE Kits For Frontline Workers

Women across the world are getting recognised as frontline workers, and corona warriors who are upholding work force in an unprecedented manner, as the entire globe tries to tackle the highly contagious novel coronavirus. Now, news has come, as per IANS, that over 700 tribal women are stitching PPE kits for healthcare workers in Dungarpur as part of the contract given to a company for 100,000 PPE kits by the Union Textile Ministry.

Deenbandhu Trivedi, owner of the company, reportedly said, that their “priority was to hire single, poor, widow, and needy women, and provide them a regular source of income during COVID 19”, he subsequently also said that they hired 700 women from Banswara who are being paid INR 9,500/ month. Mr. Trivedi also said,

Our technical staff has been guiding them. For example, after cutting and stitching, we need to do tapping to make the PPE kits water and air proof. These women have learnt the art and are stitching them fast.

The company”s plant in Bhiwandi is also producing PPE kits. Around 1,200 workers, from UP and Bihar, are employed there. The company has ensured that the women also receive hygienic and safe working conditions, and their residential facilities also accommodate them and serve them timely food. The company also ensures all workers use sanitisers, and wear masks & gloves.

Women in the workforce, visible or invisible, have been proving to be of equal if not more significance during this pandemic, and we must laude the efforts of the people encouraging and endorsing this.


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