Tripura Prof Develops A Robot That Could Help Frontline Workers In The Fight Against COVID 19

There’s a sliver of opportunity that robots might help the state of Tripura in their fight against COVID 19. If it’s up to Harjeet Nath, at least. This corona warrior has developed an RC Robot, named – COVID 19 WARBOT, that helps in decreasing the spread of coronavirus especially in hotels. It minimises the need of constant contact between healthcare providers and patients. The Robot can help deliver food packets, medicines, and other essentials to the patient beds directly without the need of a person’s assistance.

As per a news daily, the robot, has a two-way communication device in the form of a Wi-Fi-controlled camera with inbuilt microphone and speaker to help both the doctors or nurses and patients to communicate directly and that too, remaining at a safe place. It took Prof. Nath a week to make the device for which he spent nearly Rs 25,000.

Speaking to the news daily, the professor has said that the technique will reduce frequent visits of the doctors or nurses to infected patients, and that the patient can only listen to the doctors through technology and act accordingly.

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