COVID 19: IIT Developes A Device to Sanitise Banks Notes, Groceries, & More

Even if you have been away from abject exposure or without a travel history or at a high risk, age wise, there is a good chance you may still be prone to getting infected with novel coronavirus. So the idea is to have your hygiene up, with your hands always clean and sanitised. But what about all the objects that we use and consume? How do we ensure they are fully sanitised? Well, the good folks at IIT Ropar have developed a trunk-shaped device fitted with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology, which is recommended to be placed at doorsteps and all items brought from outside including grocery and currency notes to be in so they could get sanitised properly.

According to the team at IIT Ropar, the trunk when commercialised, can be available at less than Rs 500. The device will take 30 minutes to sanitise the items and the team has recommended a 10 minute cooling off period before one takes the items out. Naresh Rakha, Senior Scientific Officer at IIT Ropar, told news agency PTI,

Right now there are many who wash vegetables with warm water before using but the same cannot be done with currency notes or wallets. So we have developed a common sanitising solution for everything

We hope innovations such as these help us in the fight against novel coronavirus, because in order to contain the outbreak no measures are enough.

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