COVID 19: India Overtakes UK To Be 4th Worst Hit Country, Logs 10000+ Cases In 24 Hours

India is now fourth on the list of nations hit worst by COVID 19, with last 24 hours’ records surpassing United Kingdom’s coronavirus statistics. India logged 2,95,772 positive cases on June 11, whereas United Kingdom stood with 2,92,860.

Maharashtra, the worst hit state within India, surpassed the total of Canada with almost 98,000 cases. In the past 24 hours, the country saw a surge in cases recording almost 11,000 new positive cases with a death toll of 396 people.

India is currently in the first phase of “Unlock”, which is aimed at reviving the economy and slowly urging people to reintegrate with a pre-COVID lifestyle. However, it is being done with adequate caution that seeks to have people still go out as little as possible, not overcrowd at any place, and maintain sanitised and hygienic environment at all times.

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