Coronavirus Cases In India Cross The 20,000 Mark6,

With Gujarat seeing a surge in cases, and Maharashtra still at the top of the chart with over 5,000 cases the total reported and confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in India are at 20,471.

This is the second biggest spike since the beginning of the pandemic, one that also reported the death of 49 more people.

As of now, the total statistics on COVID 19 in India are:

Confirmed:  20,471

Recovered: 3,960

Deaths: 652 

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be having a video conference via the internet with all state chief ministers to get a low-down on the pandemic, and how to move forward.

As of right now, the international coronavirus tally stands at:

Confirmed: 25,80,729

Recovered: 6, 93, 093

Deaths: 1,78,371


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