With A Surge In Cases From Assam, India Crosses The 1.5 Lakh Mark

Assam has seen a jump in coronavirus cases in the past two days with an almost double the rise, contributing to the overall cases in India crossing 1.5 lakh mark.

The last 24 hours saw 6,387 cases and recorded 170 deaths. The total number now stands at 1,51,973 as per the covid19india.org. The states worst affected are Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra is inching towards 55,000 mark, with Tamil Nadu almost 18,000 and Gujarat at 14,829.

India is currently in the fourth phase of lockdown, with reasonable restrictions loosened up, and the operation of flights has resumed. June 1 sees the resumption of train travel as well.

This week India lodged a spot in the worst 10 infected countries globally, one that is still being led by America.

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