COVID 19: People Are Now Sneaking In Their Friends In Suitcases & Sending Pan Masala Through Drones

The coronavirus lockdown has many of us frustrated as it jolts all of us out of our comfort zones. 

A Telangana mother rode 1400 km on a scooter to bring back her son stranded in Andhra. And, now in yet another example of unconditional love, a girl walked 60 km to marry her boyfriend.

Chitikala Bhavani, 19, who lives in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh decided to marry her boyfriend, Sai Punnayya, a resident of Edepalli village, reports point out. His place was located 60 km away from Bhavani’s village. As no transportation was available due to the lockdown, she decided to walk the long distance.

After a teen was denied permission for inviting his friend home by the apartment association where he puts up, the 17-year-old from Mangaluru headed out of the apartment on a scooty with a huge suitcase at 2 am, picked his friend up, and stuffed his friend into the suitcase. The teen then carried the suitcase inside the apartment dragging it all the way to his flat, reports a news portal.

His friend came out of the suitcase leaving the residents in shock, who immediately called the cops. The two friends were taken to the police station, following which parents of both of the teens were called to the station. No case has, however, been registered against the two.

Supply of all non-essential commodities has been halted by the government as India is currently under lockdown to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Two people were arrested in Morbi, Gujarat, after a TikTok video of pan masala being delivered via a drone went viral.

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