2 Arrested For Violating The Lockdown & Organising A Samosa Party Mumbai

As lockdown 4.0 is enforced, and states have set out their own various guidelines with regards to relaxations and restrictions, people – eager to resume normalcy – are doing all sorts of things that come under the ambit of violating social distancing norms. Whether it is collecting at a place, or it is celebrating birthdays. For example, in this housing society of Mumbai, the residents flouted lockdown norms by organising a ‘samosa party’. The chairman of the society and the party organiser were both soon after arrested, however, we suspect the damage was already done by openly defying lockdown regulations.

While we understand that a lot of folks might be getting restless and uneasy by adhering to caution and strict lockdown rules, these activities could potentially turn very dangerous, especially in a place like Mumbai which is anyway seeing a surge in cases. Maharashtra is right now looking at over 37,000 cases, with Mumbai at almost 23,000 cases.

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