Couple’s Bizarre Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With A Snake Goes Viral

Couples, these days, take pre-wedding photoshoots quiet seriously and they often try to come up with unique themes and ideas. But, sometimes they just don’t know where to draw the line! Like this instance where a couple decided to do a pre-wedding photoshoot with a snake. And, mind you, it was an entire photoshoot story. Yes, we are not kidding!

A Twitter user named Vivekk shared a series of pictures in a thread which told a story of how a man and woman meet and eventually fall in love. And, this definitely wasn’t a meet-cute, if you ask us! First the woman is walking near a house where she encounters a snake. Upon encountering the reptile, the woman calls for rescue services.

In the next picture, we see two men arriving in a scooty and one of them seems to have saved the woman from the snake and keeps it inside a box. But, things get even more hilarious when the man gestures the woman to give him a call while he is leaving.

In the last few pictures, the girl who is clearly impressed with the man gives him a call and that’s how they eventually fall in love. In the last picture where thhe couple unite, they feature the snake.

Well, what can we say?! We are speechless.