‘Gobar’ Cakes Being Sold In New Jersey For $3 – Who Would’ve Thunk!

Desi cow dung cakes have gone international as they find themselves on the shelves of a grocery store in New Jersey, US.

An Indian journalist tweeted a picture of packets of cow dung cakes that his cousin spotted at a New Jersey store. Samar Halarnkar tweeted the picture with the caption, “My cousin sent me this. Available at a grocery store in Edison, New Jersey. $2.99 only. My question: Are these imported from desi cows or are they from Yankee cows?” The picture showed a packet of 10 cow-dung cakes, being sold for $2.99 (Rs. 214) only. On the packaging, the label notes that the cakes are for ‘religious purposes’ and are not “eatable”.  And also the packages mention ‘product of India’.

Once shared online, the post instantly triggered hilarious reactions online and here are a few:




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