The Year Is 2020 & Dogs Are Getting Married While Some Are Doing Laundry

Celebrating the week of love is nothing but taking out some extra time for your loved ones, however, a bizarre incident of ‘condemnation’ has people shook.

In a ‘protest’ against Valentine’s Day, often viewed as a ‘cultural degradation’ for certain right-wing organisations, two dogs were seen being married off by the party members of tight-wing fringe outfit Bharat Sena, reports a news daily.

The report points out, around 10 people gathered together holding orange flags, who decided to marry off a domesticated male German Shepherd dog and a Pomeranian female dog, with garlands tied around their necks. Amidst the crowd, a man was also spotted posing as a priest and performing some rituals to complete the wedding.

While this video had the internet in a fit, another clip of a dog doing laundry with their owner had people’s hearts melting.

The dog owner can be seen carrying a pile of laundry through his living room and up the stairs. While doing so, he dropped a black sock and asked his dog, Jonsi, to pick it up and bring it upstairs. Surprisingly, the German shepherd-Labrador mix, who was lying comfortably on the couch, spotted the black sock, gave a few moments thinking about it, got off the couch, picked the sock up and took it upstairs.


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