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Gitanjali Rao Is A 12-Year-Old Genius Who Is Saving Lives With Her Incredible Invention

For anyone that lives in India, we all know that water shortages are such a common occurrence. Whether it’s the 1% or the rest of the population, fresh and clean water is a resource that we in India have very little of. In fact, according to a report by the Met Department in June 2018, India experienced an acute and severe water crisis. Apparently, 600 million people were affected with no real end in sight as conditions are expected to only get worse from here on out.

This crisis only shows us why we need children like the 12-year-old Gitanjali Rao right now. Living in the US and still only in grade 8, she has actually invented a device that uses nanotech to detect impurities and lead contamination in drinking water. This incredible device, dubbed the Tethys, is said to be more reliable than anything that is out in the market right now. The fact that this insane technology came from the mind of a 12 year old is what is most impressive about the whole thing.

Because of her achievement, Gitanjali has been recognized as America’s Top Young Scientist in 2017 and looks to be changing the entire world with her invention. The device (Tethys) works with a mobile app that delivers instant results. There is no need to wait and decipher the reading as the app will give you all the important information right there.

Gitanjali has hopes that her device is spread across the world to help and make sure that young children do not ingest contaminated water. She is now currently working with investors who are helping her with the commercial aspect of the entire thing. She’s smart enough to know that she also has to make some money from the project to continue working on future technology!

Well, Gitajnali has certainly made us proud with her incredible invention. And remember, she’s just 12! What were you guys doing when you were 12 years old? Let us know in the comments below.

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